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National Nurses Week: Courtney Langston

May 06, 2023

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Courtney Langston
Legacy Emanuel Medical Center

During Courtney Langston’s rotation through Portland area hospitals as a nursing student, one place stood out to her – Legacy. “I thought they were the friendliest,” she said. Courtney has been with us since her graduation three years ago, working as an operating room nurse at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center.

What drew you to a career in nursing?

I’ve always been interested in science, and helping people seemed like a good way to go. In high school, I got some opportunities to shadow nurses and that was that. I knew right away I wanted to be a nurse. There are so many opportunities and I like the team building aspect.

What do you like best about being a nurse?

I like that there’s something different every day.

How does being a nurse fulfill you?

I like being able to help people. Being in the OR, I like knowing that they came to us broken and we literally fixed them. They’re going to go home and feel better, which is a really awesome feeling. 

What do you like best about working with your Legacy team?

I feel like everybody here is so friendly. They’re happy to be here, which makes me happy to be here. Everybody is open to new things, doing whatever is best for the patient. I like the fact that I walk in and there are smiles on people’s faces. 

Nurses Week - Courtney Langston


Tell us about a time when you were especially proud to be a nurse.

I feel the proudest working with the patients who have been here for a super long time that finally make a full recovery. It’s not uncommon for us to have patients that are with us for more than a year and they have to go through multiple surgeries. To see them go from being at their absolute worse to going home is the most gratifying feeling.

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