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National Nurses Week: Jamie Scott

May 06, 2023

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Jamie Scott
Legacy Silverton Medical Center

Jamie Scott, who grew up in Woodburn, knew she wanted to work in her hometown once she graduated from nursing school. She spent the first two years of her nursing career at Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center before coming home to Legacy Silverton Medical Center. She’s spent the past 14 years in Silverton working in the family birth center.

What drew you to a career in nursing?

I have a sister who is disabled and requires full-time care. Growing up and helping her, I just knew I wanted to be a nurse. In high school, I did a job shadow in the obstetrics department. I knew then that I wanted to help deliver babies.

What do you like best about being a nurse?

I love our patients. I get to come to work every day and know that I’m helping a patient, their support person, and their family. They experience happy and sad moments. Knowing it’s a vulnerable time for them either way, I like being there for them.

How does being a nurse fulfill you?

It makes me feel good going to work every day knowing I’m doing something good for other people. I know I’m giving my best to whoever I work with that day and getting to be part of their experience. 

What do you like best about working with your Legacy team?

We’re like a big family. The whole hospital is really. You know everyone. We treat each other like family. I can be off work for three of four days and I’m antsy to get back to the family birth center and see my friends.

National Nurses Week: Jamie Scott


Tell us about a time when you were especially proud to be a nurse.

Occasionally, a family member or friend will come through our family birth center, and they’ll ask me to take care of them. This is a really vulnerable time for them, so their request makes me feel proud that they want me to take care of them. They trust me to be there for them.

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