Legacy Pain Management Centers at Salmon Creek

Legacy Pain Management Center

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Legacy Health will work with you to help manage your pain while reducing your dependence on medication by providing: 

  • Medical examination 
  • Medication evaluation 
  • Tools to build coping skills to manage stress and improve sleep 
  • Physical therapy to improve daily function 
  • Behavioral assessment 
  • Education and support groups 
  • Mind-body medicine 
  • Interventional options for pain management (injections) 
  • Pre-surgical pain management planning 
  • Inpatient consultations 

In addition, we offer drug pumps and neuro-stimulators (spinal cord stimulators). 

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A parking lot is available on-site with free parking.  


Many people with chronic pain find relief through Legacy Pain Management Centers. We are experts in addressing pain, and we take an overall approach to treating our patients.

To learn more about our services, please go here.

Please note: To make an appointment, you must have a referral from your physician. Please contact your doctor.

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