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Please note: To make an appointment, you must have a referral from your doctor.

Locations & Providers
Our pain management program includes a team of experts who provide a comprehensive approach to care. We offer expertise in caring for painful conditions with the goal to improve function and restore quality of life.
Services & Treatments
Although each person's pain is unique, there are similarities in the way pain affects the body over time. From neurostimulators to pain pumps, our team provides multiple approaches to deal with the complex needs of our patients. Our patients actively take part in their care.
 Resources & Education
Through education and support, we help our patients learn to manage their conditions and regain an active lifestyle. Learn about how to prepare for your first visit, view answers to frequently asked questions, learn about pain management through recommended books and videos.  
Pain Management Rights & Responsibilities
Find out what you can expect as a Legacy pain management patient.
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Insurance Plans That Include Legacy
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