Building a supplier partnership with Legacy

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Legacy’s mission is good health for our people, our patients, our community and our world. Above all we will do the right thing.

Legacy Health delivers high-quality affordable health care to our patients. Our supplier partners help enable us to deliver this care. Legacy Supply Chain Management, Pharmacy and Food Services Departments qualify suppliers and procure supplies, services and equipment at the best-delivered cost.


Purchasing objectives

The best-delivered cost must not be confused with the lowest-possible price. Legacy will not select products or services solely based on price. We will evaluate all quotations and proposals, and complete the due diligence before selecting a supplier or product. Due diligence will include – but is not limited to – an assessment of:

  • Cost of product or service
  • Freight packaging
  • Payment terms
  • Product quality and manufacturing efficiency
  • Service capabilities
  • Business synergy
  • Electronic commerce
  • Clinical outcomes 
  • Customer references
  • Environmentally preferred product attributes

In some circumstances, we may elect to establish multiple sources for a product or service.

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