Supplier information and registration

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Centralized purchasing services

We do business from a centralized purchasing and contract office on the basis of authorized purchase orders or contracts for supplies, services and equipment. Sale of products or services, quotations and contract negotiations must begin with contacting Legacy Supply Chain Management, located at Legacy Health’s corporate offices at 1919 N.W. Lovejoy St., Portland, OR 97209.

Authorized purchase orders are issued only by:

  • Supply Chain Management Department
  • Food Services Department
  • Pharmacy Services

Legacy is not responsible for reimbursing suppliers for unauthorized transactions.

Purchase terms and conditions

Legacy Health’s standard Purchase Terms and Conditions guide our transactions with our suppliers. Please review these terms and conditions, as your agreement to them will be required to register on the Legacy Health Supplier Portal. 

Supplier Portal registration instructions

The Legacy Health Supplier Portal is a Web-based tool that allows suppliers to register to do business with us and to search for open bidding events that they may elect to participate in.

When accessing the portal, please read the Announcements section at the lower right and note the links above it. To register, click “Register Here” at top right and then click “Register.”