Supplier appointments, visits and parking

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We acknowledge the value of supplier representative visits. Our staff will determine the appropriate time, frequency and subject of any supplier visit. Following is what we expect from any supplier representative/vendor who visits a Legacy Health medical center or clinic campus:


Initial point of contact

Unsolicited sales calls are not permitted on any Legacy Health campus or site. To establish a business relationship, supplier representatives must first visit (by appointment only) the appropriate department:

  • Supply Chain Solutions
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Facility Services
  • Food Services

Before visiting and/or conducting business at Legacy, all supplier representatives are required to:

  • Register with Green Security, read and acknowledge Legacy policies, and complete all credential requirements for your vendor category


Follow-on visits

Supplier representative visits to other departments are only permitted by the specific request of the department head or through coordinating with Legacy Supply Chain Solutions, Pharmacy Services or the Food Service Department.

Upon arriving at any Legacy Health campus or site, all supplier representatives are required to:

  • Have an appointment prior to the visit.
  • Sign in at the site’s Green Security kiosk, and obtain a supplier visitation paper badge (see list below for kiosk locations). If the kiosk is down or stickers aren’t printing – or you are at a clinic or site that does not have a kiosk – you will be expected to demonstrate compliance on your phone (Green Security login – URL or App).
  • Wear the badge and your company-issued ID so it is clearly visible by any Legacy employee. Company-issued identification shows the representative’s full name and company name.
  • If a vendor is also issued a Legacy-issued badge (for door access, for example), the Green Security and company ID is still required to be visibly worn. 

Sign-out at the site’s Green Security kiosk (or via the app) prior to departing the grounds.


Green Security kiosks

Below are the locations of Green Security kiosks at Legacy sites:

Legacy Emanuel Medical Center

  • Main lobby (near Patient Billing)
  • Emergency department lobby (in the room with wheelchairs)
  • Near Medical Office Building 2 around the corner from Patient Access
  • Lower level by main lab (next to MOB 2)

Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center

  • Main lobby

Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center

  • Main lobby Volunteer Desk
  • East Entrance first floor Volunteer Desk

Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center

  • Main lobby
  • Emergency Department front desk

Legacy Research Institute and Legacy Laboratory Services

  • Main lobby

Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center

  • Emergency Department lobby
  • Second floor by escalators (near restrooms)

Legacy Silverton Medical Center

  • Main lobby

Any Legacy employee is authorized to request a supplier representative to leave the premises if they do not comply with Legacy's policy. Failure to sign out and depart immediately could result in restrictions on future visits. Legacy Supply Chain Solutions department will partner with departments regarding any action that may result in reprimand. Failure to comply with any Legacy policy may result in disciplinary action including.


Supplier representatives in patient care areas during a procedure

Permission for vendors to enter a patient care area is upon request of the physician performing the procedure. All supplier representatives must get permission from the department manager or designee before the day of the procedure and before entering any patient care area. All vendors must sign-in / wear a Green Security printed badge, wear Legacy issued scrubs, wear a red bouffant.

The primary role of the supplier representative in a patient care area is to provide product consultation, or to answer questions deemed essential for patient care.

Under no circumstances will a supplier representative be permitted to:

  • Participate in hands-on delivery of patient care, e.g. scrub-in (with exceptions of neuromonitoring)
  • Operate equipment and/or administer supplies
  • Provide initial training of equipment and/or supplies during a procedure
  • Have access to enter data into Legacy’s electronic health record system


Before any supplier representative is admitted into a patient care area, a clinical staff member must verify that the patient has consented to the supplier representative being there. This verification must be documented in the patient's medical record. Clinical staff will look for the proper hospital-issued identification badge to verify that supplier-representative access has been approved.



Vendor representatives must not park in areas designated for patients and physicians. Some Legacy facilities have parking areas just for vendor representatives. All vendor representatives must use only such designated areas for parking. If the vendor representative is uncertain of where to park, or cannot find the designated vendor parking areas, contact Legacy Security for instructions, 503-413-7911.