What is CPE?

Clinical Pastoral Education

What is Clinical Pastoral Education?

Clinical Pastoral Education is interfaith professional education for ministry. It brings theological students and ministers of all faiths (pastors, priests, rabbis, imams and others) into supervised encounters with persons in crisis. Out of an intense involvement with persons in need, and the feedback from peers and teachers, students develop new awareness of themselves as persons and of the needs of those to whom they minister. Through theological reflection on specific human situations, they gain a new understanding of ministry. Within the interdisciplinary team process of helping persons, they develop skills in interpersonal and inter-professional relationships.

The CPE Experience at Emanuel Medical Center

Our programs are based on the ACPE standards that focus on the areas of pastoral formation, pastoral competency, pastoral reflection and specialized ministry.

Within each program you will:

  • Engage in spiritual care visits, peer group seminars, verbatim case conferences, patient care conferences, and interdisciplinary team meetings
  • Examine attitudes and values as well as cultural, theological, and philosophical assumptions about life and ministry
  • Explore professional and personal identity while receiving individual and group supervision from a CPE Certified Educator and/or a Certified Educator Candidate.
Our programs are open to community clergy, other pastoral professionals, graduate theological students, and lay people.

For additional information about CPE, please visit the ACPE's FAQ webpage.