Legacy Emanuel Internal Medicine Residency Program

Current Chief Residents

Neysan Pucks, M.D. 

Dr. Neysan Pucks was born in Nice, France and grew up in Oxford, U.K.. He earned his medical degree from Brighton and Sussex Medical School and did an intercalated Bachelor of Science at Imperial College London. Having started his internal medicine residency in Oxford, Dr Pucks and his wife, who grew up in the Pacific Northwest, decided to make the journey across the Atlantic. Dr. Pucks started his residency at Legacy Health in 2020 and is ecstatic to take on the role of chief medical resident this year. In his spare time, Dr. Pucks likes to play soccer and spend time with his wife and two daughters, exploring Portland's nature and food scenes. 





Nicolette Bottesini, M.D. 

Dr. Nicolette Bottesini was born and raised in Salem, NH. She received her undergraduate degree at the University of New Hampshire and went to medical school at the University of New England in Maine. Dr. Bottesini spent her gap year in Portland, OR and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. She was thrilled to match at Legacy and is excited to be the chief medical resident now. Dr. Bottesini enjoys hiking, trail running, and cycling with her husband, two dogs, and friends.

Incoming Chief Residents

Sarah Fahmy, D.O. 

 Dr. Sarah Fahmy grew up in Massachusetts, in between her family in Egypt and Texas. She received her undergraduate degree from Brandeis University. Before medical school, she worked at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and completed her Master's degree. She then received her medical degree at Touro University New York. She moved across the country for residency and says it was the best decision! She is interested in hospital medicine and continuing graduate medical education. Dr. Fahmy enjoys spending time with family and friends, and you can always find her cooking up a storm in her kitchen.





Emily Lundstrom, M.D.

Dr. Emily Lundstrom grew up in New Richmond, Wisconsin. She received her undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin River Falls. She earned her medical degree at the University of Minnesota Medical School where she met her husband. They were thrilled when they couples matched out to Portland, Oregon. Dr. Lundstrom started her residency at Legacy in 2021 and is excited to continue on as chief medical resident starting June 2024. She is interested in hospital medicine, medical education and women's health. Dr. Lundstrom enjoys traveling to new countries, exploring new restaurants and wineries, reading, and hiking with her husband and dog.