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Medical student rotations

We offer fourth-year Sub-Internships in both ward and ICU medicine based upon availability and meeting our acceptance criteria.

Underrepresented in Medicine Visiting Elective Scholarship Program

At Legacy Health, we serve a diverse patient population and are committed to reflecting that within our healthcare teams. An essential component to that mission is ensuring our resident workforce represents the growing diversity of the communities we serve. We have established a scholarship to encourage medical students who identify as members of a community that is underrepresented in medicine to apply for this scholarship.

You can find more information here on how to apply. Please submit your scholarship application along with rotation application to Traci Aul (


For more information, contact:
Traci Aul, Coordinator 
Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center 
Graduate Medical Education 
1015 N.W. 22nd Ave. 
Portland, OR 97210