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Students - Podiatry

Students - Podiatry

Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Clerkships

Legacy Health's Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency program participates in the American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine (AACPM) Uniform Clerkship Program and selects clerkship participants through the automated offer rounds process. 
AACPM Clerkship program information and requirements.

The clerkship start and end dates are mandated by the National Clerkship Calendar.

Clerkship Information

Legacy Health's Podiatric Medicine and Surgery clerkship is open to applicants from each of the 9 accredited podiatric schools. Our clerkship combines the benefits of its hospital system with access to various Portland area hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers to provide a highly academic, intense surgical volume training program that allows its residents hands-on experience in all aspects of foot & ankle surgery. Clinic exposure, as well as extensive didactic training including monthly cadaver lab and journal club, are part of this dynamic experience.
Legacy Health page in the Clerkship Directory

Additional Information

Students committed to scheduling and completing a clerkship with our program will be responsible for obtaining their own temporary housing and ensuring use of reliable transportation throughout their rotation. 

Following matching rounds, a resource document including area news, entertainment and housing options will be distributed with the welcome packet to each confirmed clerk.

Please visit the CASPR CRIP site for additional information.

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