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Using MyHealth Messaging

Through MyHealth, patients can now communicate with providers 24/7 easily. Patients can refill prescriptions or ask providers questions and get responses typically within one to three business days. It is a convenient way to get quality care for some — but not all — medical issues. MyHealth messaging has become such a popular form of “telehealth” — MyHealth messages, phone, and video visits — that it has become standard health care and covered by insurance.

MyHealth Message Fees

Charges via MyHealth

Because telehealth medicine has increased, patients should be aware health care systems, including Legacy Health, are charging and billing insurances for certain patient-initiated messages. These messages have to be medical in nature and typically take more than five minutes of a provider’s time. Such messages require a deep review of records or further clinical diagnosis and may involve:

  • New symptoms or issues that require assessment or referral.
  • Adjustments to medications.
  • Chronic disease check-in and management.
  • A change in a chronic or long-term condition.
  • Request to fill out a form.

What’s Not Charged

Most messages will remain free. The following types of messages will remain non-billable:

  • Scheduling an appointment.
  • Prescription refills.
  • Questions resulting in an appointment.
  • Follow-ups for issues discussed within the past week or recent surgeries.
  • Follow-up care after a procedure.
  • Quick updates that do not need a response.

Billing to Insurance

Insurance plans vary with coverage. Out-of-pocket charges may not happen at all, or they may be minimal. Here are examples of what you can expect from insurance:

Type of Insurance

If there is a fee, and after the deductible is met, a patient could pay

Commercial insurance

$15 - $30 (your co-pay portion)


$3 - $8




$40 - $77, with a maximum of $126

Legacy will continue to meet patients where their needs are. Most
MyHealth messages will remain free. A good rule about messaging: Think about the potential provider time spent and the complexity of the medical issue. Of course, please ask your insurance with any questions regarding coverage. You can contact our Customer Service Billing Department at 503-413-3900 (OR) and 360-487-1030 (WA) if you have questions about your charges.

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Clinic Exceptions

This list of private clinics that utilize the MyHealth portal, will not be participating in the message fees. These clinics will not be charging fees.

Advanced Gastroenterology

Albertina Kerr

Cascade Women’s Health

Cascadia Women’s Clinic

Clackamas and Oregon Pediatrics

Central Oregon Pediatric Assoc.

Davies Clinic

Glaucoma Associates & Consultation

Dr. Mark Terry, Northwest Cornea Institute

Eastside Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Evergreen Pediatrics

Falls Canyon Surgical Associates

Good Shepherd Health System

Kartini Clinic

Lake Grove ENT

Metropolitan Pediatrics

Mountain View Family Practice

North by Northeast Community Health Center

Northshore Medical Group

Northwest Gastroenterology Clinic & Endoscopy Center

Northwest Minimally Invasive Surgery

Oregon Institute of Foot Care

Olson Pediatric Clinic

Oregon Weight Loss Surgery

Pacific Sleep Program

Rehabilitation Medicine Associates

Silver Creek Family Medicine

Willamette General & Colon-Rectal Surgery

Willamette Surgical Clinic

 Women's Healthcare Associates