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MyHealth Dos and Don'ts

June 06, 2023

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Because telehealth platforms like MyHealth messaging have become widely used by patients, health care systems are now charging and billing insurance companies for certain patient-initiated messages. While most messages will remain free, inquiries that are medical in nature, require a deep review of patient records or more than five minutes of a provider’s time are now being billed. 

As we meet these specific patient needs, Legacy Heath has communicated about billing changes. We’ve also compiled the following tip sheet of “Dos and Don’ts” that should be helpful when sending MyHealth messages. Of course, patients should continue to ask their insurance company if they have further questions or concerns. 


  • Be aware of MyHealth messaging's character limits.
    • MyHealth messages are limited to 1,500 characters. If a message is more than 1,500 characters, you should schedule a visit with your provider.

  • Keep questions simple and concise. 

  • Pick the right message category when sending a message. Common categories include: 
    • Refill a medication
    • Schedule an appointment
    • Ask a medical question
      • Non-urgent medical question
      • Medication question
      • Test results question
      • Visit follow-up
      • Referral request


  • Send urgent questions since replies may take days. Call and make an in-person appointment if you have an urgent or complex medical situation. 
    • Examples of urgent concerns: Severe symptoms, sudden changes to a chronic condition and medication questions that require immediate attention. 
    • Complex questions often result in a new diagnosis or extended patient research. 
    • For an emergency, call 911.
  • Send personalized messages. 
  • Request a phone call by a provider. Instead, set up an in-person visit. 

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