Kidney Transplant

For Potential Kidney Donors

The kidney transplant process for donors

It takes a special person to serve as a kidney donor for a family member or friend.

Interested in kidney donation?

If you are interested in donating anonymously or to a Legacy transplant candidate, click here to get started. Please note that, while the recipient can provide us with the name or names of potential donors, it is up to you as a donor candidate to contact us to begin the process.

Medical evaluation

The first step is to determine whether you are a compatible donor. Early in the process, a social worker meets with you to provide education and orientation and to discuss issues such as your support system.

Next comes a visit with a transplant nephrologist (kidney doctor specializing in transplant) to identify the appropriate laboratory and diagnostic tests. 

You will undergo a thorough evaluation to determine compatibility and ensure your safety. If the evaluation finds you to be an incompatible donor there are still options available for donation, such as paired or chain transplantation.

If you are a compatible donor and the transplant team is in agreement, surgery is scheduled.


Surgery for the donor occurs on the same day as the transplant surgery, often using a minimally invasive technique that requires smaller incisions and less recovery time. Occasionally the surgeons opt for a more traditional open-incision technique for anatomical or other reasons.


Donors often go home after three to five days, with one surgical follow-up appointment. Most donors go on to live a healthy, relatively unchanged life with one kidney.

Donor forms

First, complete the online health history questionnaire. After completing the health history questionnaire, you may be asked to complete these additional forms: How to get ready for kidney donation, authorization to release health information, and blood pressure records. Click here for these forms.

Care partners

Care partners help patients recover after surgery. They support the patient's health and well-being by helping with medications, transportation and helping around the house. Click here for more information.



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