Services and Treatments

Finding the right care for you

We diagnose and treat all types of orthopedic problems, whether the cause is sports injury, trauma or a chronic condition. We focus on getting you back to your daily activities as quickly and painlessly as possible. Explore the sections below to learn more.

General orthopedics

We can help you with a range of general bone, joint or connective tissue problems. 

Total joint replacement

If you need hip, knee or shoulder total joint replacement surgery, we offer expertise and the latest technology.

Sports medicine

For sports injuries, help with concussion, athletic training and sports medicine physical therapy, we have experts, as well as gyms for therapy and training.

Children's orthopedics

We have complete, expert care for children.

Foot and ankle care

Problems in feet and ankles often need care from experts in the field. Our podiatrists can help. 

Hand and wrist care and surgery

Our providers and therapists have advanced training for injuries or chronic hand and wrist conditions. 

Spine and back surgery

For problems that can’t be addressed by general orthopedic or sport medicine providers, our back and spine surgeons can help.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation

We have physical therapy and rehabilitation programs across the Portland-Vancouver area and the mid-Willamette Valley.


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