Looking for doula support, but aren’t eligible for Legacy’s doula program? You still have options.

Does my insurance cover doulas?

Some commercial insurance plans do cover doula care but a majority of plans do not cover it yet.  Call your insurance company to see if your plan covers doula care.  If it does, ask them what they need from the doula or hospital to pay or reimburse for doula care.  If it is not covered, ask them why and tell them that this is a service that their members would like to see covered. Alternately, if you have an HSA, you could use those health savings funds toward doula care.

How do I find a private doula?

First, do some research to see what doulas are available and what their fees are.  DoulaMatch.net is a great resource to search for doulas in your area who are available for your due date as well as compare between different doulas, services, and costs. Some of the Legacy doula team has profiles on DoulaMatch and you can find them listed as a group here Legacy Doula Program Group Profile (doulamatch.net) if you want to research their private doula services as well.

What if I need a doula, but can't afford one?

If you don’t have OHP, but can’t afford to hire a private doula, you may be able to find a student doula who is looking to provide low-cost doula support in exchange for experience required by their credentialing.  As a part of our workforce development program, Legacy maintains a limited list of student doulas who may be available.  Please fill out the doula request form and note that you are in need of a student doula.

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