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My CME Transcript

With a Legacy Health My CME Transcript, you can quickly and easily:

  • View and print your CME transcript  
  • Access transcript history from 2010 to present

Please note: There is often a 6-8 week delay from the date of the lecture to when credits will appear on your transcript due to the time required to receive and process the data.  If you need a credit urgently that is not listed on your transcript, please email  for assistance. 

Login to My CME Transcript and select one of the following profile choices:

  • Legacy Health Physicians (MD/DO)
  • Non-Legacy Health Physicians who participate in Legacy Health CME programs and have an existing account. 
  • New Users

Enter the 'Begin' and 'End' search dates of transcript
Click the 'Sign-In' button

An Adobe Acrobat Reader screen will open and your transcript will be viewable.

Need help?  Please read the instructions for My CME Profile here.

A free download of Adobe Acrobat reader is available at

Printing Tip: If you are experiencing slow printing of your transcripts, you may need to alter your print settings - instructions here.

Your transcript may be displayed in a pop up window. If you have a pop up blocker installed, you can hold the CTRL key while clicking to bypass the pop up blocker.