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For patients and family


Grief support and bereavement services

What we understand about grief
Grief and mourning as natural reactions following a death. The experience of grief can sometimes be overwhelming, confusing and can affect many different parts of a person, including a person’s body, emotions, relationships, behavior, spirituality and thoughts. While grief is a part of being human, each person may have a different way of coping with grief. Though they may always feel some grief, most people gradually adjust and find ways to live with the loss. 

How we can help
The bereavement program offers free services by trained bereavement specialists. Services include:  

  • Grief education and information on grief support groups and classes for adults and children* 
  • Short term supportive grief counseling for hospice families and the community at large  
  • Referrals to community resources 
  • Hospice memorial gatherings

Grief support offerings
All Legacy Hospice grief support groups and classes are led by grief professionals and are open to those grieving a loss through death. Groups are provided free of charge. Please view our support group listings below for current schedules. Registration is required for all group offerings. 

Ongoing support groups

Legacy hosts a number of classes in the Portland and McMinnville area. Call for current times and dates. Some classes are offered at each location, while some are unique to their area.

  • McMinnville area: (503) 472-9685 or 1-800-361-8506
  • Portland Metro area: (503) 220-1000

Understanding Grief: Information and Tools for Coping
A one-session class designed to provide information to newly grieving people and/or their support network. Participants learn how to identify their own grieving style and what coping strategies might best help them. 

Ongoing Grief Support Groups
These groups offer the opportunity to meet other grieving people and share experiences and coping strategies. Groups meet continuously throughout the year in both the Portland and McMinnville area. New members are welcome to join at any time.

Pathways to Healing 
These grief support groups offer eight weekly meetings.  The group utilizes a grief book as a source of information and basis for discussion, as well as providing a safe environment for sharing and self-exploration.  Creative and memorializing projects also aid in grief expression.

Me Too
An eight-week child & family grief support program serving children, teens and their parents or guardians. This program is a collaboration between Legacy Hospice Services, the Providence Hospice Programs and the Oregon Hospice Association. More information here.

Gay Men Together Through Grief 
The group offers eight weekly meetings, providing a safe environment for sharing and self-exploration. Creative and memorializing projects also aid in grief expression. Participants receive a complimentary grief book as a source of information and basis for discussion.

Expressive Arts for Healing
 A support group that uses expression to explore and communicate the grieving process, and it is offered one to two times per year.  Please call for information.

Men’s Breakfast Social
This is an opportunity for grieving men to find support and camaraderie while sharing a meal. Participants pay for their own meal. 



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