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Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center

Praise from our Patients
"What was most exceptional was how the therapist gave me encouragement and hope along with outstanding results."

Our state-of-the-art sports and spinal rehabilitation program is highlighted by the MedX for patients with back issues and tailored programs for the physically active members of our community from high school athletes to seniors. In addition, we offer video analysis for runners and golfers. Our practice is renowned for its advanced practices, exceptional patient care, and outstanding results.

We have earned a reputation among referring physicians and patients alike for providing effective, individualized therapy. Today, our staff of highly skilled therapists and our ongoing commitment to excellence have set us apart from other clinics.

What to expect:

  • Our highly trained and experienced therapists, including specialists in a wide range of therapeutic disciplines, ensure that your particular concerns are addressed by an expert.
  • You will be seen by licensed therapist, not an aide, who will care for you from admission to discharge.
  • We will work closely with you and your doctor to provide a unique and personalized course of therapy that is effective and cost efficient.
  • We use the latest scientific evidence-based practices and the most up-to-date techniques in assessment, treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Our care exceeds national outcomes in decreasing pain and increasing function in the fewest number of visits.

Health Plan Coverage

We accept most insurance plans and provide assistance with insurance verification and authorization. In some cases, referral by a physician may not be required. 


These are the physical therapy and rehabilitation services offered at Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center.  Click a service for more details.


Emmy Berman, P.T.
Cat-linh Bui, O.T. 
Laura Caudle, P.T.
Anne Culbertson, P.T.
Tobi de Goede, SLP
Laura Evans, P.T.
Beth Hall, P.T.
Marki James, P.T.
Lorelei Hosmillo, P.T.
Kristin Johnson, P.T.
Hans Stenfert Kroese, P.T.
Delayne Larson, P.T.
Brandon Tilton, P.T.
Marianne Vrobel, P.T.
Anna Weiss, P.T.

For a complete list of therapists at all service locations, search our provider directory. Search now.

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