Physical Therapy

Work-Related Injuries

Work-Related Injuries

Work-related injuries can be caused by long hours at the computer keyboard, lifting heavy boxes in a company's warehouse or the result of accidents. The focus of our therapists is to reduce your pain, increase your function and get you back to work and able to perform your previous duties safely, while lessening your chance of re-injury.


Conditions treated

  • Tendonitis, bursitis
  • Back and neck sprains and strains
  • Repetitive use injuries, such as carpal tunnel
  • Lifting injuries
  • Fractures
  • Hand injuries
  • Falls
  • Burns
  • Concussive or head trauma


Our Programs

  • Post-injury physical and occupational therapy
  • Postural and biomechanical assessments and training
  • Endurance/conditioning training
  • Work-simulated exercises
  • Pacing techniques
  • Work-site job coaching
  • Ergonomic intervention
  • Prevention education


Goals of treatment

Your therapist will work collaboratively with you to set your unique goals and develop a treatment plan custom-designed for your condition and circumstances. Often your treatment plan will include specific exercises and training similar to activities you perform at your job. This helps you to be better prepared for a safe return to work. If necessary, we will work with your doctor and employer to make sure our combined goals are met and you can return to work as soon — and as safely — as possible.



Our licensed therapists are highly experienced with advanced training in manual therapy and exercise/training techniques. 

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