Lawrence Neville, MD

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Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, Neuropathy, Nerve Conduction Studies, Botox, Migraines, Movement Disorders, Epilepsy, Seizures, Stroke




Legacy Health Partners
Training: Reed College BA 1990 Yale University, MA and MPhil 1994 Oregon Health Science University MD 2000 Oregon Health Sciences University Neurology Residency 2004 Oregon Health Science University Fellowship Neuromuscular Diseases 2005
Year I Started Practice: 2005
Hospitals Served: Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center, Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center

Patient Rating

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Average Rating:  4.9 out of 5.0

  Jan 31, 2024
I went to the ER before this an waited over 3 hours for a CT scan!

  Jan 31, 2024
Dr. Neville is the best neurologist I have ever seen and I would recommend him to anyone family or friends

  Jan 24, 2024
Dr Neville is compassionate and caring about his patients.

  Jan 24, 2024
To keep a patient waiting in excess of 30 minutes is NOT acceptable. My time is valuable too. There was NO communication from anyone as to the delay. I almost left without being seen.

  Jan 24, 2024
Good experience.

  Jan 23, 2024
Dr Neville is a very good listener. He speaks directly and with respect.

  Dec 13, 2023
Dr Neville spend the time needed to assess the problem. Caring and very helpful

  Dec 6, 2023
Dr Neville is the best neurologist I have ever had

  Dec 6, 2023
All good.

  Dec 4, 2023
Dr Neville and his staff are wonderful. The problem is there happens to be just one of him and many patients to be seen.

  Dec 1, 2023
First visit had hard time getting out if waiting room chair. Said nothing. This time arrived and found a taller chair in waiting area. Made so easy to sit / stand. So observant and thoughtful.

  Nov 27, 2023
Thank you! Enjoyed the visit and felt good about decisions on medication.

  Nov 22, 2023
This was my first visit with Dr Neville as he was replacing my previous doctor who left. He was prepared and knew my medical history, which I really appreciated. Dr. Neville was professional, very caring, easy to talk to and asked a lot of questions. I felt he listened to my input and we agreed on a good plan for ongoing care. I would highly recommend to others seeking neurological care.

  Nov 22, 2023
Dr. Neville is a warm and compassionate medical doctor. He is patient, listens, is knowledgeable and gives great advice. Wonderful man. I am fortunate to be able to see him.

  Nov 20, 2023
The only bad thing was that he was booked over 6 weeks out.

  Nov 20, 2023
Dr Neville was very attentive my my needs extremely courteous during my visit.

  Nov 15, 2023
Dr. Neville is a very kind and thorough provider. I greatly appreciate his patience and knowledge.

  Nov 14, 2023
The "medical team" was excellent in how they treated me and helped me, the only disappointment is how long I have to wait for an opening available to schedule my next appointment.

  Nov 13, 2023
Dr. Lawrence and team are insightful, considerate, and professional.

  Nov 7, 2023
Dr. Neville listens authentically and responds.

  Nov 7, 2023
First visit with Dr Neville but there was a very long time to get the appointment scheduled

  Nov 1, 2023
Dr. Neville was awesome. Listened to me, ordered blood work, and we talked about carpal tunnel. I will recommend Dr. Neville to friends and family.

  Oct 31, 2023
Excellent doctor very caring.

  Oct 23, 2023
Treated with a high level of compassion and kindness. Doctor was sensitive to my processing speed and took steps to be sure I understood everything he said.

  Oct 18, 2023
Excellent service

  Oct 17, 2023
Dr Neville and his staff are always extremely empathetic and sincere when it comes to my care. I sincerely feel like family when I'm there!

  Oct 5, 2023
Really nice doctor, explained everything about test. Personable, funny thru uncomfortable test!! Great distraction!!!

  Oct 3, 2023
I'll say this about Dr Neville, he makes me feel like he genuinely cares, like I am not only his only patient but also his favorite! This Dr has a great bedside manner and in my book this means he ROCKS!!

  Sep 19, 2023
Very good

  Sep 14, 2023
He took his time to sit and listened to everything I shared regarding my son's issues. It's a pleasure meeting with Dr. Neville!

  Sep 13, 2023
Dr. Neville is a very kind and caring person, he is knowledge, has good bedside attitude, along with a sense of humor.I believe he is like the physicans in old days. He take time with you,I like him!!!

  Aug 31, 2023
Wait time on the phone and getting an appointment is because of understaffing. Not the fault of current staff. They are trying very hard.

  Aug 31, 2023
Dr. Neville and all the staff at legacy neurology are just wonderful. Thank you.

  Aug 21, 2023
Dr. Neville is the nicest, caring and very knowledgeable. The Medical assistant was great. The receptionist wasn't that great. Not very friendly.

  Aug 17, 2023
The whole team there is awesome.

  Aug 16, 2023
Provider listened answered my questions and obviously had knowledge of my past medical history

  Aug 16, 2023
I really liked the communication with the doctor very pleasant and smart doctor

  Aug 14, 2023
I am [age removed] old and Dr. Neville treats me with respect and understanding.

  Aug 9, 2023
Dr Neville is very compassionate.

  Aug 8, 2023
Dr Neville was kind and very caring for my wellbeing. He's a great listener. He answers all my questions and concerns in a way that I can understand. He makes me feel good about myself. He follows up on my visit in my Health with a complete overview of my condition and updates my meds. I look forward to my next appointment with Dr. Neville.

  Aug 8, 2023
Great doctor. Always attentive! Caring and considerate.

  Aug 3, 2023
I've had two visits with this specialist provider. The doctor and MA have exceeded my expectations for their care, compassion, and accommodation.

  Aug 1, 2023
Wonderful caring and professional doctor. Staff and MA were also very nice.

  Jul 31, 2023
Waited one hour past appointment time to see doc. Dr. Is thorough and sensitive to needs.

  Jul 25, 2023
Once we get into the doctors office it's all good!Getting into the office/ getting an appointment is a nightmare.

  Jul 10, 2023
Dr Neville was one of the best Dr we have seen for this issue. He was kind friendly and concerned about her well being.She just loves him.

  Jul 3, 2023
The whole team was very friendly and sat down and made sure all my medical information was accurate as possible. The doctor sat down really listen to everything I had to say made many sure he understood what I was saying and made sure everything he was telling me I understand.

  Jun 28, 2023
Thanks to Dr Neville! Excellent visit!

  Jun 22, 2023
Dr. Neville is an amazing neurologist. To my surprise, Dr. Neville knew about all my history and importance of my Chart. I didn't have to start over.he already knew about my history of migraines. I have seen more improvement than I had expected. I really respect Dr. Neville because he respects me. His plan of care for me has been wonderful. He listens to me and answers all my questions. He also asks me at every appointment if I have had any side affects from my medication.It is really hard to find a doctor that doesn't treat you as a "medical gaslight" and actually listen to my concerns and opinions.Dr. Neville is a top 10 Neurologist

  Jun 21, 2023
Waited for 30min in the room for visit with Dr. Dr. Was in the room for less than five minutes. Previous appt with provider also had to wait 30-40minutes in room for Dr.

  Jun 21, 2023
Answer your phone. I waited on hold for ever and no I don't want to leave a message or hear about Covid again. I was just trying to get an appointment for a follow up from a reminder letter you sent me.

  Jun 13, 2023
Dr. Neville and his medical assistant were wonderful! Best care received by a neurologist in the past years. He is genuine, respectful, engaged and provides expert Information about my Parkinson's and I feel comforted. He speaks directly to me and I quite enjoy him. He takes action to provide me solutions for relief from my pain and discomfort. He also listens to my caregiver and family member. His chart notes show he truly heard and understood us. His medical assistant is very sweet and efficient.

  Jun 7, 2023
Dr. Lawrence Neville is an excellent neurologist. This visit was a new patient appointment. He was very professional and skillful. He is much better than 2 neurologists from Kaiser. I am very happy that l changed from Kaiser to Legacy Health care system, starting January 01,2023.

  May 31, 2023
Thank you Dr. Neville it was a pleasure to see you & will see you next time!

  May 26, 2023
Dr Neville was amazing! One of the best providers I have ever had. Strongly recommend him to anyone that needs to see a neurologist. It was very difficult to make an appointment, I left a voice mail to schedule and didn't get a return call until 8 days later.

  May 11, 2023
Dr. Neville husband in really amazing. He has been working with me to find a solution. I am very grateful that I found him.

  May 10, 2023

  May 4, 2023
The medical assistant needs to attend training on their chairside manner. They were very abrasive and not friendly. Several times shutting me down with my communication to clarify my med changes. After the doctor left they forcefully handed me my after visit saying "you can go. Here is your SIX PAGE after visit" she never showed me the way out or thank me or ask if I had any questions. She didn't offer to help me make a follow up appointment or even hand off to the front desk. When u got in the car and reviewed my after visit it was wrong. It wasn't what we discussed and I didn't feel comfortable to go back.

  May 2, 2023
Length of time to wait after a referral.

  May 1, 2023
Most of the plans are excellent. All of the doctors we have met are very caring and UNDERSTANDING. Terrible handwriting!

  Apr 25, 2023
In all my years of seeing clinicians for a variety of reasons I'd rank Dr. Neville in the top 10%. This includes doctors at the Cleveland Clinic, in Chicago area and elsewhere in the Midwest and the Portland-Vancouver area. When we first moved to the greater Portland area I was concerned about finding an excellent internist and a neurologist and I'm pleased to say I found both among the Legacy Salmon Creek providers.

  Apr 25, 2023
I waited 11 mo to get in to see this provider. Multiple phone calls were made to ask about my status, during which I was told I would get a call. I never did and I did not know my referral could, and did expire. I had to get another referral and when I called in to ask about it was told it was not worded correctly. Could someone not contact my referring doctors office with this concern? Is It up to the patient to correct this? I did a lot of work as a patient, making calls and contacting my referring doctor multiple times. Very frustrating and without the support of my wife I could not do this. With all of that being said, I could not be more pleased with the care I received. I almost want to say it was worth the wait, but I think the wait was excessive and with better communication with the client perhaps this could be avoided in the future.

  Apr 24, 2023
Dr Neville listened to me and provided good care. I was satisfied, and thought that he was a great guy.

  Apr 20, 2023
Absolutely love the provider, but his office staff is severely lacking in work ethic and compassion. If it wasn't such a hassle to get into any neurology office and have to go through all the hoops again to get treatment, I would. NOT Because of the doctor but because of the office staff. Often times calls made were answered by unhelpful or rude staff. There are a handful that were very nice and understanding. The referrals team is a joke. They know or should know what insurance needs to approval a referral. They shouldn't take 5 months and several calls and emails from the patient and insurance company to get a referral approved. This was medical care that has severely affected my life and job and the lack of empathy, understanding, or act of doing their job was astonishing at times. I would not recommend this provider solely due to his referral team. No one should have to go through that much effort to receive help.

  Apr 19, 2023
Doctor not in list of providers

  Apr 19, 2023
Dr. NEVILLE was a very patient, caring, knowledgeable Dr. First time seeing him & if I hve to see that type of Dr. Again, I would go to him. He was very thorough & talked to you so you could understand your problem.

  Apr 13, 2023
Dr actually listened to me!

  Apr 12, 2023
This experience with Dr. Neville was one of the best I have had with a doctor. He was attentive, understanding and very easy to work with.

  Apr 11, 2023
Very happy with Dr Neville care.

  Mar 29, 2023
The team at this office is always courteous, caring, and helpful. They crate an environment where you're comfortable being honest and truly feel like they are here to help you more than anything. The overall atmosphere has helped me become more accepting of my condition and honest about my health with both myself and healthcare team. They're great at working with you to find solutions to your ailments

  Mar 29, 2023
Dr. Neville has great compassion and empathy for his patients and takes a holistic approach. I feel that he is very balanced and listens really well

  Mar 22, 2023
Doctor was knowledgeable, efficient and patient. He took the time to answer all my questions. He has a good sense of humor which I personally appreciate.

  Mar 22, 2023
Outstanding and caring provider.who spent a lot of time on my issues

  Mar 15, 2023
He had a intern that came in first she was very polite and did her job well and listened to me. Overall my visit was a very good one

  Mar 14, 2023
Dr.Neville communicated completely and thoroughly. He Spoke in English not professional vocab that only another physician could understand. I wish he could be my PCP

  Mar 13, 2023
Dr. Neville was knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive. Probably one of the best providers I've ever seen.

  Mar 8, 2023
Dr. Neville has an excellent bedside manner. Very personable and friendly. Easy to talk to.

  Mar 6, 2023
I was very impressed with how personable and warm he was, and then how knowledgeable he was, while still asking my opinion on my care. I was honestly blown away.