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Reduce Your Risk: The Anti-Cancer Diet

October 05, 2018

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Cancer can be affected by many different factors – from chemicals in the environment, products you use in your home and even in what you eat. While there is no diet that will prevent getting cancer, your diet and dietary habits can help reduce your risk.

Start with a moderate diet with a balanced assortment of vegetables, fruits, and grains as well as avoiding other foods including refined sugars and carbohydrates. Here are some tips to help:

  • Avoid the most pesticide-contaminated fruits and vegetables:
    Choose organic if possible to avoid chemicals associated with cancer. Check out the Environmental Working Group’s list of the Dirty Dozen most pesticide-contaminated produce.
  • Choose organic dairy products to avoid growth hormones: 
    Banned in Europe, growth hormones increase insulin-like growth factor and are linked to a higher risk for breast cancer.
  • Get enough Vitamin D: 
    Research suggests that women with low levels of Vitamin D may have a higher risk of breast cancer.
  • Limit alcohol: 
    Women who have three alcoholic drinks per week have a 15 percent higher risk of breast cancer as compared to women who don’t drink at all.


Visit for more tips to reduce your risk through diet with tips, recipes, and even a chart of “rainbow” assortment of fruits and vegetables.


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