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Real-life training for future nurses

Legacy Health's six facilities support 14 regional schools of nursing and more than 1,400 nursing student placements each year. Legacy's Department of Clinical Practice Support cooperates with our regional nursing education partners to inform nursing school faculty and students about the clinical experiences we have available.

We're excited about playing a part in your nursing education, and we are committed to providing the best experience to a variety of students throughout all of our facilities and departments. We need your assistance to maintain the quality of these experiences and to meet our regulatory requirements.

Arranging a clinical placement

Legacy's student placement coordinator works closely with our nurse managers to optimize the quantity and quality of our placements; placements are not considered active without her approval. All placements must be arranged in accordance with contractual agreements between Legacy Health and each educational program, and individual students and faculty need to be aware of their organization's current contractual agreement. 

Once your placement has been approved, we will assist you in completing the necessary requirements before starting clinical placements at Legacy. 

We hope you find this information helpful. If you have questions, please email Debra Henry.