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There are 2 areas where additional supporting documents can be attached to the application:

  1. Appendix - only a few specific items are allowed to be included in the appendix (see below).
  2. Other attachments field  - the other attachments field is only to be used if specified within the Funding Announcement.

Please follow all guidance closely.

NIH Guidance:


The only allowable appendix materials are:

  • Blank data collection forms, blank survey forms, and blank questionnaire forms* - or screenshots thereof
  • Simple lists* of interview questions
  • Blank informed consent/assent forms
  • Other items only if they are specified in the FOA as allowable appendix materials

    *Note: In your blank forms and lists, do not include items such as: data, data compilations, lists of variables or acronyms, data analyses, publications, manuals, instructions, descriptions or drawings/figures/diagrams of data collection methods or machines/devices.

No other items are allowed in the Appendix.

Simply relocating disallowed materials to other parts of the application will result in a noncompliant application.

Some FOAs may have different instructions for the Appendix, always follow the instructions in your FOA if they conflict with these instructions.

Note: Applications will be withdrawn and not reviewed if they do not follow the appendix requirements in these instructions or in your FOA.