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A subaward is also referred to as a subcontract or consortium/contractual arrangements. 

NIH Guidance:


If LRI will be the prime recipient of the grant award and will be issuing a subaward to another institution:

Gathering the necessary paperwork and signatures can take a number of weeks depending on the institution you are collaborating with. Make sure you alert the Grants Specialist (Joanne: jcouchma@lhs.org) as soon you are able that this will be needed.

Documents needed from the external institution are as follows:

  1. Completed & signed Subrecipient Certifications and Statement of Intent form
  2. Budget (we always require a detailed budget sheet, even if using the modular type in the application)
  3. Detailed Budget Justification or Modular Budget Justification 
  4. Biosketches for Key Personnel and Other Significant Contributors
  5. Scope/Statement of Work
  6. Facilities/resources
  7. Equipment 
  8. Vertebrate Animals (if applicable)
  9. Human Subjects (if applicable)
  10. Letter(s) of support 

If the application receives a fundable score then Other Support documents will be needed for all Key Personnel.

A formal subaward agreement will be completed with the external institution if a Notice of Award is received.

If an external institute will be the prime recipient of the grant award and will be issuing a subaward to LRI:

The external institution may have their own paperwork that needs completing. Please ask them to contact jcouchma@lhs.org to start the process.

At LRI we can generally get the signatures needed and gather all necessary paperwork within a few days, but this may vary depending on workload at the time of the request.

As well as issuing a Letter of Intent, documents 2 through 10 of the above list will be needed for our part on the project.