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Blood bank transfusion services

Blood bank transfusion services annually performs more than 29,000 compatibility procedures and provides more than 18,000 units of red cells, 3,000 units of plasma, 2,000 units of plateletpheresis and 2000 units of cryoprecipitate in their transfusion support of inpatients and outpatients at Legacy's six hospitals, including the needs of trauma, cardiac surgery, oncology and the neonatal intensive care units. Each hospital Blood Bank Transfusion Service is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week at each of our hospitals. In addition, a clinical pathologist is on call at all times for consultation.

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Cytopathology is the microscopic evaluation of cells that are spontaneously exfoliated or physically removed from human tissues.  The cytopathology laboratory evaluates specimens from many body sites, including the lungs, lymph nodes, thyroid and urinary tract.  Cervicovaginal cytology (Pap smear) has a role in the detection of premalignant changes or early cancer of the uterine cervix.

All specimens submitted to the Cytology Laboratory must be appropriately labeled and accompanied by a completed requisition. Adequate history and clinical information are integral parts of the cytologic evaluation of specimens. Proper collection, fixation and preparation of the cytologic specimen are essential for accurate evaluation of the sample.

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Drug addiction and drug diversion pose serious threats to every physician's practice, but balancing the treatment of pain with the prevention of abuse can be a challenge. Routine pain medication compliance testing can protect you and your practice from liability, especially with the support of the MedManager test panel.

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We are known throughout the Northwest as a leader in high-quality forensic testing. With more than 25 years experience in providing emergency toxicology and comprehensive substance abuse testing services, Legacy Toxicology provides fast, accurate results when you need them most. Our commitment is to provide you the value, leadership, innovations and quality in laboratory services that improves business results.

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