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MedManagerTM to monitor pain medication compliance

Drug addiction and drug diversion pose serious threats to every physician's practice, but balancing the treatment of pain with the prevention of abuse can be a challenge. Routine pain medication compliance testing can protect you and your practice from liability, especially with the support of the new MedManager test panel.

A comprehensive and cost-effective pain-medication testing program

MedManager will allow you to:

  • Monitor your patients' compliance with their prescribed medications
  • Detect unauthorized medications
  • Detect illicit drugs
  • Review expert toxicology analyses and interpretations

Benefits of MedManager

  • Extensive testing panel that detects illicit drugs and commonly prescribed pain relief drugs, including fentanyl, tramadol, buprenorphine
  • Lower EIA screening cutoffs and LC/MS screens for the highest sensitivity
  • Point of Collection testing for new patient intake with instant results
  • Concise interpretative reports
  • Access to board-certified toxicologists

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