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Quality Corner: 2022 performance highlights

LHP is wrapping-up final data for the 2022 performance year and will announce when all results are finalized and displayed on the dashboard. Incentives earned based on LHP’s performance measures will be distributed to practices later this fall as usual. In the meantime, we are pleased to share performance highlights where we continue to perform well and outline some of the challenges we faced where we’ll focus on improvement this year.


Strong performance on patient safety, screening and prevention

  • Continued to provide high quality inpatient care and met patient safety goals.
  • Provided timely communication with primary care providers for care coordination post-discharge.
  • Outperformed measure targets for preventive and screening measures. Patients who have an established primary care provider in the LHP network completed cancer screening, immunizations, and well-child visits at an even higher rate.

Challenges include access, timely discharges and chronic disease care
  • A lack of post-discharge care at skilled nursing facilities, residential care facilities, or outpatient care services impacted the ability to discharge patients, length of stay, and readmissions. There continues to be significant focus from physicians, nurses, care managers, and operational leaders to the safe and timely discharge of patients.
  • Outpatient access continues to be limited and other barriers also contributed to increased ED visits. Connecting new patients to PCPs continues to be an area of focus.
  • We have an opportunity to improve chronic disease management and medication adherence for diabetes, asthma and cardiovascular disease.

Thank you to all providers and practices who commit to caring for our patients and making an impact on improving health. LHP’s provider-led committees are reviewing performance opportunities and guiding ideas and solutions we can implement as a network to continue to make progress on our cost and quality goals. We’ll keep the network updated once we transition our dashboard in Power BI to display performance for the current 2023 year so you can continue to monitor performance and take action on gap lists and coordination of care for your LHP patients.