Legacy's Lung Cancer Screening Programs

A lung cancer Screening Center of Excellence.

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Nurse and patient

What to expect

  • Call first. Please contact our office at 503-413-8050 to learn about the screening program, make sure it's right for you and get it scheduled.
  • How it works. Before your scan, you will talk with our clinical staff to discuss how screening works, including the chances that your scan will show something suspicious. You will then go directly to the radiology department for the CT scan. The average office visit with one of our clinical staff and low-dose CT takes about an hour.

  • How do I get results. We contact all patients telephonically within 3 working days to discuss the results of the low-dose CT lung cancer screening exam. If the test shows something suspicious, we will coordinate with your primary care provider and other specialists to ensure you get the follow on care and eveluation you need.

  • Cost. Many insurance plans, including Medicare, cover lung cancer screening. We encourage you to check with your insurer prior to your lung cancer screening visit to understand the costs associated with your office visit and low-dose CT for lung cancer screening.

Our expert team

Legacy’s Lung Cancer Screening Program locations has earned the Screening Center of Excellence (SCOE) designation from the Go 2 Foundation for Lung Cancer, which recognizes medical facilities that provide responsible, high quality low-dose CT screening for early detection of lung cancer and comply with comprehensive standards based on best practices.

Schedule your screening

To learn more about lung cancer screening or to schedule an appointment, please call 503-413-8050.