Hip Arthroscopy

Pain relief from hip problems

This minimally invasive surgical procedure is primarily meant to alleviate or eliminate pain from hip impingement caused by tears in the cartilage (labral tears). It is similar to the common arthroscopic procedure to repair torn cartilage in the knee, but hip arthroscopy is much newer.

Hip arthroscopy involves placing several small incisions around the hip that allows a small camera and instruments access to the hip joint.

Until recently, people with labral tears had only two options: open surgery or learning to live with the pain. Only a few orthopedic surgeons in our area are performing hip arthroscopy, so Legacy is pleased to offer this minimally invasive third option. 

Some procedures commonly performed with hip arthroscopy are:
  • Labral tears 
  • Femoro-acetabular impingement (FAI) 
  • Loose bodies 
  • Cartilage tears 
  • Synovitis 
  • Ruptured ligamentum teres 

Candidates for hip arthroscopy

Athletic individuals, both men and women, can benefit from hip arthroscopy. Labral tearing is a common injury among runners and track athletes as well as soccer and hockey players. The procedure can be performed on patients as young as teenagers.


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