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Physical and Work Capacity Evaluations (PCEs and WCEs).

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Physical and Work Capacity Evaluations (PCEs and WCEs) 

Work and physical conditioning programs

These intensive, goal-oriented treatment programs at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center give the injured worker the strength, endurance and confidence to return to work. We serve clients recuperating from injuries, both on-the-job, and non-job-related.

Admission to the program requires a physicians' referral. Appropriate referrals include:

  • Workers on light duty for six weeks with no progress made toward release to full duty
  • Workers who are at a high risk for musculoskeletal injury
  • Workers not making significant progress after four weeks of physical therapy treatments.
  • Workers with a pattern of recurring strains or sprains.

Our specialized therapists address musculoskeletal injuries and the deconditioning associated with injury or surgeries. Clients are carefully monitored as they learn safe work techniques, gain strength and flexibility, and increase their cardiovascular conditioning specific to their work requirements. If unable to return to work, the Work and Physical Conditioning Programs are effective means of maximizing the workers' physical capacity and facilitating claim closure.

Physical and work capacity evaluations

Physical Capacity Evaluation (PCE)

A three-hour assessment of physical abilities, inclusive of: lifting, carrying, ambulation, and stairs, sitting  and standing tolerances, pushing and pulling.

Work Capacity Evaluation (WCE)

A six-hour test (three-hour sections over two consecutive days) that includes the PCE listed above and a determination as to whether someone can perform specific work tasks in their job description.

These evaluations are designed to:

  • Assist with claim closure and/or facilitate claim closure.
  • Determine placement for category of work an injured worker demonstrates, according to the "Dictionary of Occupational Titles"
  • Provide information regarding maximum physical abilities and overall function.

Need help?

For more information or to make a referral to our program, please call 503-413-1500.

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