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Lung cancer screening

Lung cancer is the leading cause of death from cancer in the United States. One reason is that most people don’t have symptoms of lung cancer until it is advanced, and very difficult to treat.

Smoking is the single biggest cause of lung cancer. But there is some good news for current and former heavy smokers.

Advanced technology, expert doctors

Legacy Cancer Institute has been screening patients since 2012. We use the most advanced CT scanner, which shows even the smallest details. The lung CT scans are read by doctors who specialize in reading chest images, and who are fellowship-trained in thoracic (chest cavity) radiology.

Who should be screened?

People ages 55 to 80 with a 30-pack-a-year smoking history who currently smoke or who quit within the last 15 years.

Pulmonary research

If you're currently a pulmonary research patient or are interested in joining a clinical trial, please contact the pulmonary research coordinator at 503-938-8291.

Trying to quit smoking?

Here's a good reason for you: Quitting smoking reduces your risk of dying.
*Smoking causes one in five deaths in the United States every year.

Have you thought about quitting? Have you tried to stop more than once? Do you wish you could finally give up tobacco for good?

Your Legacy Health providers can help.


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