Sports Medicine

Training and Recovery

Improving performance, preventing injury

A big part of sports medicine is improving your performance and preventing and recovering from an injury. Legacy offers experts and gyms to help you. 

Legacy has two sports training and recovery gyms: at the Woodburn Health Center and at Legacy Medical Group–Cornell

In addition to standard training gym equipment, our gym at Legacy Medical Group–Cornell offers: 

  • VertiMax: improves your power, acceleration and vertical jumping 
  • TRX Suspension Trainer: strengthens and stretches all of your body, using your own body weight to engage your complete core 
  • Olympic weightlifting equipment: used by college and professional athletes 
  • Indoor turf: for multi-directional sport-specific movements, helping you recover so you can return to a sport after injury 
  • Video gait analysis: identifies key positions and movements to prevent injury and improve performance 


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