Sports Medicine

Locations and Providers

Our providers

For sports medicine, you can turn to a number of providers associated with Legacy Health –– the experts at Legacy Medical Group–Orthopedics and Sports Medicine or providers in private practice. Among them:   

Portland — Northeast and Northwest
Andrew Bryan, M.D.
Bryce Bederka
, M.D.
Scott Beyer, PA-C
Mark Colville, M.D.
Evan Ellis, M.D.
John Kafrouni, M.D.
Derek Lamprecht, D.O.
Dominic Patillo, M.D.
Charles Petit, M.D.
Andrew B. Shinabarger, DPM
Joseph Schenck, M.D.
Kristen Thomas, M.D.

Portland — South Metro and Westside
Thomas Lyttle, DPT, OCS (Cornell)
Alison Linka, P.T., DPT
Andrew B. Shinabarger, DPM
Christine Shrader, P.T., DPT 
Kristen Thomas, M.D. (Cornell)

Silverton-Woodburn-Keizer area
Paul Brewer, M.D.
Andrew Nelson, DO
Michael Cvitash, PA-C
Anthony Smith, PA-C
Chad Palmer, PA-C
David Emch, PA-C
Rae Johnson, PA-C
John Sauer, M.D.

Southwest Washington
Casey Cornelius, D.O.
Jerod Cottrill, M.D.
Jerome DaSilva, M.D.
Michael Fleischman, D.O.
Gregory Gramstad, M.D.
John Kafrouni, M.D.
Peter Kung, M.D.
Tony Lin, M.D.
Joseph Mathias, PA-C
Jesse McCarron, M.D.
Alan Newman, M.D.
Donald Roberts, M.D.
Andrew B. Shinabarger, DPM
Stephen Southerland, M.D.
David Turro, PA-C
Anthony Wei, M.D.



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