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Infant Warmer Campaign

Legacy Silverton Medical Center’s Family Birth Center (FBC) is one of the busiest birthing facilities in the state. It is the most heavily used birth center among Oregon’s small, rural hospitals. In 2014, over 1,600 babies were again born at Silverton Hospital.

The biggest reason for the popularity of the Family Birth Center, we are told by so many new moms, is the warm, caring, personal treatment they experience. When mothers have one baby at our FBC, they almost always return when having another. Often, their relatives and friends choose to come to the FBC as well.

The personal approach to bringing new babies into the world may seem a bit old fashioned, but the whole process is supported with the latest equipment to assure the babies’ and mothers’ safety and comfort. Over the past few years, the Silverton Health Foundation has been honored to play a role in bringing new equipment (including a new central monitoring system and a security system) to the FBC and we’re working to do so again.

Infant warmers are a very important element in the modern birthing process. The name might sound like something simple, but they are actually sophisticated equipment. Infant warmers provide an atmosphere of warmth that is so necessary for newborns. Immediately after delivery, babies have a hard time stabilizing their temperature as they move from their mother’s womb to the delivery room and the warmers help them do that. They also provide everything needed for babies that require resuscitation, including ventilation, suction, oxygen delivery and blood oxygen monitoring. Infant warmers give the newborn an all-inclusive environment for optimal care and treatment.

The 14 infant warmers in Legacy Silverton Medical Center's FBC are aged and in need of replacement. The Foundation has agreed to undertake the campaign to replace them, at a total cost of $290,000. Just as we have done with central monitoring and other projects, we turn to our friends in the communities we serve to assist with this project.

Please consider making a gift to support the infant warmer campaign. We would be so grateful for your assistance. Thanks very much. If you have questions about the campaign or about the Foundation, please call Randy Stockdale at 503.873.1790.