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The End of an Era. Saying Goodbye to Minnie Scoggins.

Over the past year, Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center has been working closely with the city of Tualatin and the Tualatin Historical Society to ensure that the Minnie Scoggins house, located on our property on SW Borland, is correctly and efficiently removed given its unsafe condition. The time has come and the Minnie Scoggins house will be removed on Wednesday, June 10th.

The house was mold-filled and dilapidated when the property was acquired in 2005. After sitting empty for years, an independent assessment of the home was done and it was determined that it was extremely unsafe due to structural and environmental elements. The Tualatin Historical Society also assessed the house and provided a recommendation that, since it held no historical value, it should be removed.

After submitting an application for a demolition permit to remove the house, placing the house for sale and finishing all final requirements, we are now approved and ready to remove the Minnie Scoggins house from hospital property.

Thank you to the city of Tualatin, the Tualatin Historical Society and our surrounding neighbors for your all of your help and support on this project.

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