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Professional recognition for Legacy nursing staff

To encourage nursing excellence and professional development, several awards recognize the work of Legacy nurses in caring for our patients.

The DAISY Award for extraordinary nurses

This award, created by The DAISY Foundation, is bestowed each month in hospitals and medical facilities around the country. Nominees and winners each exemplify the tenets of the DAISY Award: social responsibility, service excellence, ethical behavior, safe patient care, quality care and continual education. Award recipients are chosen by their nurse administrators, peers, physicians, patients and families in recognition of extraordinary service and dedication.

Nursing Excellence Award

This annual award recognizes those nurses who have achieved a high level of clinical knowledge and competency, demonstrate leadership and initiative, contribute to quality of care, and continuously seek to further their own professional development

Nursing Exemplar Award

The Nursing Exemplar Award invites Legacy nurses to share their unique stories about their nursing practice and how it made a difference for their patients. An exemplar is a written story of a clinical situation in which a nurse’s professional skills were instrumental in his or her ability to assess, teach or intervene to affect an outcome of value to the patient. Each year, the awards have a theme.

Palliative Nursing Excellence Award

This award recognizes Legacy  R.N.s who demonstrate expertise and proficiency at incorporating palliative techniques as part of any treatment path as well as proficiency at providing compassionate, flexible, patient-centered care.

Outstanding Nursing Preceptor Award

Twice a year, we recognize those nurses who have demonstrated excellence in the role of the preceptor. The preceptor provides patient care experiences that assist the newly hired R.N., both the new graduate and the experienced R.N., in acquiring and enhancing technical skills, clinical knowledge, and critical thinking. The goals of precepting are to teach, support and coach without taking over; to capture teachable moments, to guide success, and to prepare a fellow team member. Preceptors are chosen for their clinical knowledge and know-how, their communication skills, their professional work ethic and their compassion for others.