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Robert M Kinast, MD

Robert M. Kinast, M.D.

Clinical Scientist, Legacy Research Institute
Associate Director, Glaucoma Fellowship, Legacy Devers Eye Institute
Clinical Associate Professor, OHSU Casey Eye Institute

503-413-6453  |  Email: rkinast@lhs.org

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Short Bio:

Dr. Kinast is a clinician scientist and Vice-Chair of Ophthalmology at the Legacy Devers Eye Institute. He has won numerous awards for innovation and teaching. He invented the GentleDrop Eye Drop Guide, the Devers Drop Device adherence monitor, and a tube implant with magnetically controlled flow. He has served as an Investigator for NIH-funded COAST, OHTS, and STTR studies. His research focuses include medication adherence, medical devices, selective laser trabeculoplasty, mitomycin compounding, and patient satisfaction. He is also the medical director and residency site director at the Arthur Devers Memorial Clinic, which provides indigent ophthalmic care in Portland, OR.

He received his medical degree from the University of Michigan Inteflex Program (combined B.A./M.D. program) in Ann Arbor, followed by internship at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and residency at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. He completed sub-specialty training in glaucoma at the Devers Eye Institute. Prior to medicine, Dr. Kinast studied the anthropology of religion at the University of Michigan and Oxford.

Research Interests:

  • Medical Devices
  • Medication adherence
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Medication Compounding
  • Angle Closure Glaucoma

Publication Highlights:

Eye Drop Adherence with an Eye Drop Bottle Cap Monitor.
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J Glaucoma. 2023 May 1;32(5):369-373.

Novel Eye Drop Delivery Aid Improves Outcomes and Satisfaction
Sanchez FG, Mansberger SL, Kung Y, Gardiner SK, Burgoyne CF, Cunningham Jr ET, Rees JP, Jones EP, Kinast RM.
Ophthalmol Glaucoma. 2021 Jan 12;S2589-4196(21)00011-9

Glaucoma Adherence - from Theriac to the future (Editorial).
Kinast RM and Mansberger SL.
American Journal of Ophthalmology. 2018 Jul: xiii-xv.

The degradation of mitomycin under various storage methods.
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Concentration Accuracy of Compounded Mitomycin C for Ophthalmic Surgery.
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