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Care and support that address the whole person.

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Art therapist and two patients make crafts

Understanding support services

Going through — and recovering from — cancer treatment can be difficult on the body, mind and soul. Legacy Cancer Institute provides complete support in a variety of ways, depending on your needs and interests. 

We offer support services during all stages of your cancer journey – from diagnosis through treatment and recovery: 

  • Oncology Social Workers assist patients and their families, through counseling, support, and referrals as appropriate. A social worker is available in the hospital or through an outpatient appointment.

  • Oncology-certified Dietitians assist patients and their families with managing symptoms and maintaining optimal nutrition during and after treatment.

  • Nurse Navigators help patients understand their diagnosis, treatment options and the healthcare system. They coordinate care and communication between patients and the cancer care team, identify needs/concerns and connect patients with resources and other support services.

  • Our Integrative Nurse Practitioner uses a holistic, patient-centered care approach during and after treatment including symptom management and prevention, improving overall well-being, and reducing risk of cancer recurrence.

  • An Oncology Psychologist provides emotional support and strategies for coping with the cancer experience.

  • Art Therapists promote healing, creativity and community through art making, either one-on-one or in a group.

  • Cancer support groups, education and movement classes are free for patients and survivors. We offer a range of programs to help you through diagnosis, treatment and recovery of cancer.

  • A Pharmacy Navigator can review your medications and address medication issues.

  • Our Stress Management coordinator provides an extra support person during certain medical procedures.

Build your support system

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