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Good health for our people, our patients, our communities and our world. Legacy Health is a local nonprofit that provides comprehensive primary, secondary and tertiary care services across the Portland and Vancouver metro area and the mid-Willamette Valley.

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To our community

Our Community Impact Report provides an opportunity for us to celebrate our collective contributions and achievements in serving the community beyond clinical patient care. Highlighted throughout this report is just a sampling of the ways in which we were able to come together to support our patients, communities and each other.  

One example of this is Legacy Health’s Food Support Program. This program was developed as a direct result of patients sharing that food insecurity was a barrier to their health care. Legacy Health president and chief executive officer Kathryn Correia joined team members at one of our hospitals as they packed fresh food bags and delivered them to one of our clinics for distribution to patients

We are grateful to our patients and supporters for their partnership and trust as we work toward fulfilling our mission of good health for all. Please join us with pride as you review this year’s report. 

Maureen Bradley
Senior Vice President, Chief Community Engagement Officer



From rural areas to urban centers, we play a critical role in the lives of 2.5 million people.

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As one of the largest employers in the area, people trust Legacy with their lives and livelihoods. We value the ideals of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and work to ensure that DEI initiatives are integrated into every system-wide strategy. This includes our operations and patient care:


70 primary, specialty
& urgent care clinics


Nearly 3,000
health care providers


Our fundraising efforts have a broad focus to engage community donors. Funds raised support our six hospitals, clinical, educational, research and community programs. The Philanthropy and Community Engagement Team lead fundraising initiatives and events in support of Legacy’s mission of good health. 

Areas community donations support


Sum of total disbursed


Community Benefit

Through Community Health Grants and other strategic partnerships, Legacy Health makes direct investments in our local communities to address community-identified issues and needs, improve health and wellness and advance health equity.  Our Community Health Grants provide funding to local organizations and assist with their work in areas that align with Legacy Health Community Health Improvement Plans. 

Total community benefit: $689,687,000.

Our Patients

Caring for patients is why we are here. We work to ensure they receive the highest-quality medical services and have what they need to continue healing and stay healthy. Here are select highlights from our full-spectrum of healing services for our patients.

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“I no longer felt so alone after discovering this community of fellow patients and wonderful teachers.”

-Grateful patient

"We received notice that our bill is being taken care of for an unexpected life-threatening emergency. In this season of life we are in, that is something we really needed and want to thank you so much for your care and help financially. Thank you for accepting our request for assistance.” 

-Grateful patient

"Thank you for the help you have provided. Your team was so helpful in recovering from the aftereffects of COVID-19. I am very grateful.” 

-Grateful patient

 Our Community

Our efforts stretch beyond medical care –– we look for innovative ways outside of our hospitals and clinics to improve the health of all, and we partner with organizations in the communities to maximize our impact. 

Silverton Area Community Aid

Silverton Area Community Aid works to prevent homelessness and to stabilize housing through rental/mortgage and utility assistance. It also helps people secure housing after being unhoused.

Portland Workforce Alliance

Portland Workforce Alliance's Pathways to Health Careers Project aims to expand access and opportunities to underrepresented students from higher poverty schools with an interest in health care.

Adelante Mujeres

Adelante Mujeres provides holistic education and opportunities to marginalized Latine women and families.

Outside In

Outside In helps homeless youth and other marginalized people move towards improved health and self-sufficiency. 

Self Enhancement Inc. (SEI)

SEI cultivates positive, contributing citizens and community members. Young people are encouraged to complete at least two years of post-secondary studies or living-wage employment by age 25.

Our People

Health comes from people caring for one another. Our people – nurses, doctors, customer service providers, administrators, and many more – are a collection of individuals who are integral to delivering health to those we serve.

Improving Workforce Diversity

Scholarships for four fourth-year medical students who are underrepresented minorities or come from disadvantaged backgrounds. The students are part of a rotation at Legacy Health’s internal medicine residency program sites. Each scholarship is $1,500 and can be used to help offset transportation, lodging and food expenses.

Pathways to Health Professions

Eight scholarships for pre-clinical students who are underrepresented minorities or come from disadvantaged backgrounds. The students will rotate through different Legacy Health sites. The goal is to train deserving students while furthering the diversity of Legacy as a whole.

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Total number of
scholarship programs
available for staff


Total number of
scholarship recipients
in Fiscal Year 23


Total amount of
scholarship funds
distributed in Fiscal Year 23 

Our World

Whether it’s reducing our impact on the environment, researching new cures, changing the way we deliver care or volunteering across the globe, we are doing our part for a healthier planet.


Legacy Health believes that what's good for the planet is also good for the patient. That’s why we’ve maintained a deep commitment to environmental sustainability for many years.  We have made a promise to reduce GHG emissions by 50% by 2030 and to achieve net zero by 2050.  Initiatives to help reach these goals include investments in renewable energy and energy conservation, recycling and waste management and environmentally preferable purchasing. In 2023, each Legacy hospital achieved national recognition for their efforts and received Practice Greenhealth's Partner for Change Award.


Community Recycling Events

Recycling: Behind the Scenes

Recycling: From Waste to Reusable


Scientists at the Legacy Research Institute work to advance medical knowledge so that it could potentially have a global impact. This approach is part of Legacy Health’s vision of playing an essential role to the health of communities, with the goal of fostering medical discoveries that can save lives and improve medical care.

Neuron Repair Research

We are in the third year of a groundbreaking three-year study that follows the development of new brain cells after a brain injury. This study seeks to find out whether brain cells generated after a brain injury are beneficial or harmful to cognitive recovery and whether normalizing the shapes of the cells born after a brain injury makes them beneficial. This would improve mental cognitive recovery.

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Opioids and Cannabis Study

Opioid dependence is a major public health problem. We are launching a three-year study of buprenorphine, one of only two FDA-approved medications for opioid dependence that could help prevent opioid withdrawal and provide pain relief. It has never been studied but the results of this project could provide a novel and effective therapy for historically marginalized individuals with untreated pain.

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From to Portland to Vancouver to the mid-Willamette Valley, Legacy plays a vital part in every community. For generations, we’ve carried out our mission of bringing good health to all — and done so with joy, care and compassion.