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Legacy Emanuel Medical Center
Mehmet Berk, M.D. - neurosurgery
Kent Grewe, M.D. - neurosurgery
Jonathan Sales, M.D. - orthopedic
David Yam, M.D. - neurosurgery

Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center
Ashok Modha, M.D. - neurosurgery
Andrew Nemecek, M.D. - neurosurgery
Emily Nguyen, M.D. – orthopedic
Brian Ragel, M.D. – neurosurgery

Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center
Alex Ching, M.D. – orthopedic 
John Mason DePasse, M.D. – orthopedic
Robert Tatsumi, M.D. – orthopedicy

Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center
David Yam, M.D. - neurosurgery

Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center
Wendy Chang, M.D. - neurosurgery
Hoang Le, M.D. - neurosurgery
Ashok Modha, M.D. - neurosurgery
Wael Musleh, M.D. - neurosurgery
Andrew Nemeck, M.D. - neurosurgery
Brian Ragel, M.D. - neurosurgery
Nelson Saldua, M.D. – orthopedic
George Shanno, M.D. - neurosurgery




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