Important Tips For Bike Safety This Summer

June 01, 2022

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Bicycle crashes aren't unique to summer, but with more people out and about, it is a good time for parents to make sure their children are safe when riding their bikes.

Here are some tips to help keep bike riding safe and fun this summer:

1.Bike helmets are the most important protection to help children avoid serious injury in the event of a bike accident.

2.Ensure your child’s bicycle is in good working order and that the rubber coating on the handle is in good condition.

3.Make sure your children know the rules of the road when bike riding, so they know what to do to stay safe when they encounter other bikes, cars, and pedestrians.

Randall Children’s Hospital encourages parents to use these tips on bicycle safety to help children stay safe and stay out of the emergency department this summer.

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Bicycle Safety

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