Be aware of open windows, kids and injuries

April 20, 2020

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As the weather warms, you open the windows.

Unfortunately, children falling from open windows can cause serious injuries. With families spending more time at home because of the coronavirus outbreak, the risks of such falls increase.


What to know to prevent window falls

  • Watch smaller children. Kids ages 1 to 5 are at a higher risk because they are quick, impulsive, curious and fall easily.
  • Know that screens don’t prevent falls. Window screens are for keeping bugs out; screens will not prevent a child from falling.
  • Limit window openings to 4 inches. If you open a window, keep the opening to 4 inches by installing window stops. Make sure you can remove the stops in an emergency.
  • Don’t let kids play in front of windows. Keep areas in front of windows clear of anything a child can climb up to reach a window.



  • Keep windows closed and locked when not in use
  • Make sure caregivers and kids know the dangers of open windows
  • Ask about window safety when your child visits other homes


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Safety and prevention help

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Keep kids safe around open windows

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